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2022 Wu Tang and Nas Tour: The Best Rap Collaboration Yet?

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2022 Wu Tang and Nas Tour: The Best Rap Collaboration Yet?

Nas and the legendary Wu-Tang Clan will perform together on their next co-headlining US tour. This summer's "NY State of Mind" tour, which is headed to Pine Knob, will feature these two New York rap legends together.

For almost all of their lovers, the combination of New York's two best rappers is surely huge news since it will bring hip-hop to the public through a massive co-headlining concert.

Fans of these legendary rappers are eagerly waiting for this concert. The New York State of Mind tour, which will include these two rap icons performing together in 25 North American locations, will take place from August 30 to October 4, according to the announcement made on Tuesday, April 19. On September 3, Wu-Tang and Nas will appear as part of the "NY State of Mind" tour.

Is This The Best Rap Combo Yet?

Some days ago, Pine Knob's social media outlets posted the teaser for Tuesday's reveal, where everybody can find the lyrics by both Wu-Tang and Nas. They also included images of the New York City skyline and two of the best New Yorkers.

Sometime in the early to mid-1990s, both of these rap icons rose to fame in New York's rap culture. With the release of their "Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)" first album, Wu-Tang made their debut, and the album came to the markets in November 1993.

Only six months had passed after Wu-debut Tang's until Nas made his historic debut with the album "Illmatic."

There has been no turning back since their debut, as they are both still major figures in the hip-hop industry. Nas's look has stayed constant, although Wu-been Tang's hasn't been consistent.

 The Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre hosted a concert in May 2019, where Wu-Tang had his final public performance. The Detroit Symphony Orchestra's March concert was postponed. Thus, "36 Chambers" embarked on a 25th-anniversary tour. Upon launching his album in 2021, Nas' final concert was in Detroit under the moniker "King's Disease II" at the Fox Theatre.

About Wu-Tang Clan

The Wu-Tang Clan, widely regarded as the best hip-hop band in history, has been on the road together since the release of their self-titled first album in 1993. The trio from New York City rose to fame with the now triple-platinum album thanks to songs like "C.R.E.A.M." and "Protect Ya Neck," which are among the most well-known in the history of rap.

About Nas

Nas (Nasir Jones) originally attracted the attention of a global audience when producer MC Serch chose his song "Halftime" to serve as the album's first track for the 1992 film Zebrahead. Nas released his first full-length album, Illmatic, in 1994 after signing with Columbia Records.

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