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  • Welcome to the House of Merch!

    Our journey began in 2005, under the sunny skies of Tampa, Florida, where we opened our doors as a vibrant record store named Top 5 Records. But as times changed, so did we. Embracing the digital age, we transitioned to HouseOfMerch.com, marking a new chapter in our story.

Expanding Horizons

Commitment to Authenticity

Having planted our roots in both Arizona and Florida, our legacy has grown but our essence remains the same. For 17 years and counting, music is not just our business; it's our lifeblood, our passion, our muse.

As you explore our curated collections, you're not just buying merchandise. You're investing in memories, in art, in a piece of history. So, here's to the melodies, the harmonies, and the unforgettable encores. Welcome to the House of Merch!

  • Unparalleled Authenticity

    At House of Merch, we take pride in offering only officially licensed merchandise. When you shop with us, you can trust that you're getting genuine products endorsed by your favorite artists and pop culture icons. Our commitment to authenticity ensures that every purchase is a true collector's item.

  • Superior Quality Assurance

    We prioritize quality above all else. Every product in our catalog undergoes rigorous quality checks to meet our exceptionally high standards. From the material used in clothing to the printing process on posters, our dedication to quality ensures that your merchandise will stand the test of time.

  • Vast and Diverse Collection

    Explore a world of music and pop culture with House of Merch's extensive collection. With thousands of items spanning various genres and iconic moments, you're bound to find something that resonates with your personal interests.