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The Team Behind House Of Merch


The Team Behind House Of Merch


The Team Behind House Of Merch


Almost two decades ago, music lovers were starving of any quality merchandise. Firstly, there were very few best band merch sites. Secondly, the few available sites didn't have enough stock to facilitate all of their customers. Furthermore, customers still complained about the apparel quality and authenticity.

Considering all these issues, Sean S. decided to start houseofmerch.com in 2005. Initially, House Of Merch started as a record store in Tampa, Florida, under the name Top 5 Records.

But, considering the market situation, Sean decided to shift his business towards apparel and clothing. Since then, all the best band merch sites have seen some serious competition. 

To your surprise, Sean was a former member of a punk rock band out of New Jersey. This leaves no questions about why he has such a strong passion for music. Since the beginning, House of Merch has been known to sell only officially licensed authentic bands, music, and pop culture merchandise.

Just name a band, and you will have a ton of options in front of you, all with the quality assurance of the best merch site.

Starting from Florida, House of Merch has now expanded its business operations to other states, too, like Arizona. Not just the founder but every single person working at House of Merchs has a passion for music, and that is the reason why this apparel and clothing site has been leading the industry for 17 years.

This business has seen many competitors. Some of the competitors are larger and wealthier. However, the passion for music and commitment to providing always kept House of Merchs on top of the charts, and not many competitors ever come close in competition.

The cherry on top is the fact that every merchandise on this site is approved by the band or the band's official label, which makes it legitimate. Furthermore, band approval means that this site will always be the first to get the latest merchandise for upcoming band concerts.

The best part about ordering through House of Merch is their easy-to-use and responsive website. It will hardly take you 5 minutes to log into their website and then complete the checkout process. 

You will also avail of a 10% discount on your first purchase from this best band merch store. Other than that, if you are bored of wearing old-school merch t-shirts to concerts and want to look different this time, House of Merch got you covered. You can order jewelry, magnets, mats, and other band-label-approved products at your doorstep.

If your favorite band is in your city and you want to make a unique appearance in the whole crowd, there is no better place to shop than House of Merch. Furthermore, if the concert area is still under COVID restrictions and the face mask will cover up all your beauty, you can buy band merch face masks from this site, and don't let this pandemic be any hurdle between you and your appearance.


By Joe L